A Call for Participation at the Noël O’Sullivan seminar

A Call for Participation at the Noël O’Sullivan seminar



On Monday, 29 January 2018, starting at 10 am, the IES organizes a seminar on the problems of contemporary political theory titled:

A Quest for Political in Contemporary Western Thought


Professor O’Sullivan will hold an introductory lecture, followed by a debate with the presentations of other participants. The seminar will be held in English.

The background to this topic is a widespread feeling that the dominant tendency of Western thought ever since the Enlightenment has been profoundly anti-political, being mainly concerned to submerge the political in the moral (Rawls’ thought being perhaps the most dramatic recent example). The result is various attempts to achieve a ‘realist’ perspective usually involving the rediscovery of Machiavelli and/or Hobbes.

The seminar will be held in the Hall of the Institute for European Studies,
Trg Nikole Pašića 11, 4th floor, room 136.

No registration fee is required.

For guests outside Belgrade and Serbia, the IES does not cover the costs, but can help with logistics (reservation of accommodation, transfers, etc).

Applications for participation with a short abstract can be sent to addresses


During the visit to Serbia, professor O’Sullivan will also hold a lecture, in English, at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade on Tuesday, January 30th

Relevance of the Oakeshott’s philosophy and political theory for our time


Noël O’Sullivan is one of the leading contemporary British political thinkers. He is professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Hull. Among the most important works are monographs Conservatism (1976, translated into Serbian in 2008), Fascism (1983), The Philosophy of Santayana (1992), and his collection of work published this year on Michael Oakeshott’s place in modern Western and non-Western thought.


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