January 29-30 – Noel O’Sullivan in Belgrade

Dear guests,

Dr Noel O’Sullivan is a Research Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Hull and one of the most prominent contemporary scholars in political theory. He will be the guest of the Institute of European Studies.

During the visit he will

hold the seminar at IES on January 29 at 10.00

The quest for the political in contemporary western thought

Seminar includes his introductory address and contributions from

– Slobodan Samardžić (Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade): Political Theories of European Integration without Capacity to Deal with Big Crisis
– Miša Đurković (IES): Beyond Normativism: Possible Paths for Renewal of Political Theory
– Dušan Dostanić (Institute of Political Studies, Belgrade): Why Borders Still Matter – Position of Carl Schmitt

– Jovan Čavoški (Institute of Recent History of Serbia, Belgrade): An Attempt at Constructing Non-Western IR Theory: the Chinese Case
– Stevan Gajić (IES): Fear of Ideology – Political Theory and Political Practice in Contemporary Russia
– Krševan Antun Dujmović (Institute for Development and International Relations, Zagreb): Theories of the Collapse of Yugoslavia and the Identity Politics in Croatia


and will give a public lecture (organized by IES and the Faculty of Political Sciences) at the Faculty of Political Sciences on January 30 at 17.00

The Place of Michael Oakeshott in Contemporary Western and Non-Western Thought



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