Goran Nikolić attended a seminar on Global Value Chain in China

Goran Nikolić, our Senior Research Associate was one of participants in the 2018 Training Program on Integration into Global Value Chain for Developing Countries (Countries along the Belt and Road), April 8 – 28 2018. Co-organizers of the seminars were: Academy for International Business Officials, Ministry of Commerce (China) and Training Centre of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (China Chamber of International Commerce). Participants were officials from TPOs, Financial Circle and government of Developing Countries.

The purpose of the seminar was to enhance mutual understanding, deepen friendship, and establish platforms for promoting communication and cooperation among developing countries (in this case there were 10 countries, including India, for which seminar was about SME, but with some common elements). The seminar included presentations and field trip. All presentations were given by government officials or experts, covering topics such as “General Review of China”, “China’s Opening-up & Economic Development”, “The Governing Ideas and Style of China’ s New Leadership” “Functions of CCPIT and Establishment of Trade Promotion System in China”, ”Global Chain and Industry Development”, “Trend of China’s Overseas Direct Investment and Policies”, “Belt and Road initiative of China”, ”Cross Border E-commerce in China” and so on. Participants have visited Tianjin, Huzhou in Zhejiang Province and Wuxi in Jiangsu Province where they met with local government officials, visited enterprises and exchange ideas with them so that they can get a better understanding of China’s economic development seeking opportunities for more cooperation.