July 25-26 – The History of European Conservative Thought – book by Francesco Guibilei

On 26 July 2019 at 12 at the Hall of the Institute (IV floor, room 136), the institute is organizing a promotion of a book by Francesco Guibilei

The History of European Conservative Thought
Regnery Publishing, 2019


The author and Daniele Dell’Orco will present and talk about the book.

Francesco Guibilei is a young but very influential author on the new Italian intellectual scene. He is the editor of Historica publishing that presents to Italian public new and interesting authors on the intellectual right. Besides that, he heads several foundations and organizations that organize promotions, conferences, seminars and public events.

He comes to Serbia to present his new book, published in English language with Regnery Publishing. In this book Guibilei undertook the development of broad overview of history of European conservative thought, as is the title of the book. According to him, the European conservative canon begins with Edmund Burke. Then follows detailed presentation of various particular conservative traditions with an emphasys on the period after World War II and the detailed look on the American conservative movement. The author is clear in his dealing with other traditions, and doesn’t shy away from analyzing controversial acters like Charles Maurras or members of the German conservative revolution. And special attention has been given to Italian tradition of Pareto, Mosca.


A day before, on July 25 at 20h the same promotion will be held at Novi Sad Cultural Centre.

Промоција књиге Франческа Ђубилеија „Историја европске конзервативне мисли“ 25. јула у клубу „Трибина младих”