Month: November 2016

Shared Vision, Common Action: A Stronger Europe

                                            Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, in cooperation with the European External Action Service, The

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November 25 – debate on parliamentary elections in Macedonia

Within an Election Year joint project of the Institute of European Studies and the NIN weekly, we are organizing a debate on   Parliamentary elections in Macedonia on December 11   Speakers: – Cvetin Čilimanov, former reporter to the MIA

The Influence of Austria-Hungary on the Formation of Albanian Nation 1896-1908

  Teodora Toleva, The Influence of Austria-Hungary on the Formation of Albanian Nation 1896-1908, Filip Visnjic and Institute of European Studies, Belgrade, 2016. Original title: Влиянието на Австро-Унгария за създаването на албанската нация 1896-1908 Translation: Goran Igić

November 14 – a round table about the book “Can Alojzije Stepinac Be a Saint?”

On Monday, November 14 we are organizing a round table about a book Can Alojzije Stepinac Be a Saint? by Dr. Momčilo Diklić Speakers: – Dr. Stevan Gajić, politicologist, Institute of European Studies – Dr. Nikola Žutić, historian, Institute for

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November 10 – a lecture by Dr Laura Herrero Olivera on bioethical issues in Spain

On Thursday November 10 Dr Laura Herrero Olivera will give a lecture on Bioethical Issues in Spain Dr Olivera is a professor at the Universidad Coplutense Madrid and ia a member of the Spain’s Committee on Bioethics. The lecture will

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