Month: December 2017

A Call for Participation at the Noël O’Sullivan seminar

A CALL FOR PARTICIPATION AT THE SEMINAR HELD BY NOËL O’SULLIVAN   On Monday, 29 January 2018, starting at 10 am, the IES organizes a seminar on the problems of contemporary political theory titled: A Quest for Political in Contemporary

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New German Conservativism

During their visit to Serbia, in July 2017, Jongen and Kubitschek held a lecture in Belgrade and Novi Sad, and visited the Novo Hopovo Monastery. The lectures were extremely valuable and innovative for us. Jongen’s lecture is definitely the most

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Heptadecagon – Technology Dictionary as an Anti-utopia

“Technology Dictionary” is a writing that so far had not been known to academia, and that, by all accounts, deserves the attention because it has the quite unique creative and thought process that can and should be the object of

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December 25 – a lecture by Dr Uroš Ćemalović

Dear guests,   The Group on bioethics of our Institute is organizing a lecture by Dr Uroš Ćemalović on the International Protection of New Plant Species – UPOV Convention and Other Legal Mechanisms Dr Ćemalović has acquired his PhD at

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December 14 – a lecture on the Joint Criminal Enterprise concept

Dear guests, The Institute is organizing a lecture The Joint Criminal Enterprise in the Context of Mladić and Praljak et al. ICTY verdicts by Dr. Goran Đorđević Dr. Đorđević is a criminal attorney from Niš, with a PhD from a

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