Month: July 2019

Ivan Čulo, Personalism and Universal Declaration of Human Rights, IES, 2019.

The monograph Personalizam i Univerzalna deklaracija o ljudskim pravima (Personalism and Universal Declaration of Human Rights) written by Ivan Čulo has just been published by the Institute of European Studies. This work analyzes and points to the significance and contribution

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Gordana Đerić, Dictionary of Redundant Words, Zlatno runo and IES, 2019

Gordana Đerić’s Rečnik suvišnih reči (Dictionary of redundant words) has been published in cooperation with the Zlatno Runo publishing company from Belgrade and the Institute of European Studies, Belgrade. Rečnik suvišnih reči is formally a work of encyclopedic lexicography, a

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July 25-26 – The History of European Conservative Thought – book by Francesco Guibilei

On 26 July 2019 at 12 at the Hall of the Institute (IV floor, room 136), the institute is organizing a promotion of a book by Francesco Guibilei The History of European Conservative Thought Regnery Publishing, 2019 The History of

July 16 – Conference “July 15, An Attempted Coup in Turkey – Military Intervention, Politicological and Sociological View”

Institute of European Studies is organizing a joint conference with Directorat for Communication of the Embassy of Republic of Turkey and with the Yunus Emre Institute. Dr. Ufuk Ulutaş and Prof. Dr. Mesut Özcan will speak on July 15, An