Month: October 2020

October 19 – Switching to Skype Webinars

Following the introduction of new preventive measures against coronavirus, the Institute for European Studies informs those interested that the next forums (starting with the one scheduled for October 19) will be held in the form of Skype webinars. You can

October 19 – Round Table: “European Commission Progress Report and the Status of Serbia’s European Integration”

Institute for European Studies andHans Seidel Foundation On the occasion of the publication of the latest EC report on Serbia’s progress in EU integration, they are organizing a round table EUROPEAN COMMISSION PROGRESS REPORT AND THE STATUS OF SERBIA’S EUROPEAN

October 23 – Round Table: “The Position of the Serbian Orthodox Church Today”

The Institute for European Studies is organizing a round table THE POSITION OF THE SERBIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH TODAY Friday, October 23, 2020, beginning at 11 a.m. You can follow the round table via the Skype link below. You do not

Gordana Đerić Receives an Award at the Fifth Festival of Humanities, Culture and Arts

At the Festival of Humanities, Culture and Arts (FESK Watch what you read!), which covers the areas of history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, economics, management, science, literature, arts, music, film, education and theaters REČNIK SUVIŠNIH REČI [DICTIONARY OF SUPERFLUOUS WORDS]