July 26 – Webinar: Amazon. A Wounded Fighter Against Globalism

On Sunday, July 26, starting at 18:00, a webinar will be organized by the Association of Serbian-Peruvian Friendship, the Hispanic Society, the Ibero-American Center of the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad and the Institute for European Studies:

Amazon. A Wounded Fighter Against Globalism

As a warm-up before the fourth Summer School of Latin American Studies, we bring You a lecture on the indigenous communities of the Amazon that are struggling with illegal exploitation, deforestation, the loss of their land, their home and their entire identity. Such unscrupulous plundering began from the moment of the “discovery of America”, in 1492, that is, from the moment when capitalism discovered America!

This centuries-old form of colonialism shows us how powerful global interests are taking the land and resources of Amazon’s wounded fighters, claiming that they are doing so for the benefit of all mankind.

In addition to all the misfortunes and crimes inflicted on the natives, there are also the vicious “Pishtaco Diseases”, COVID-19 among them.

Join the lecture where You will be able to find out about burning issues and learn something new.

The webinar will be held via the Zoom application. The login info is as follows:

  • Link: click here
  • Password: 323914
  • Meeting ID: 963 5100 8318