November 20 – Webinar: “25 Years Since Dayton: History and Perspectives”

On Friday, November 20, starting at 3 p.m.,

The Institute of European Studies and the Institute of International Politics and Economics are organizing a webinar on:

25 Years Since Dayton: History and Perspectives

Speakers at the webinar:

  • Ambassador Vladislav Jovanović, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia and FR Yugoslavia
  • Ambassador Peter Galbraith, former US Ambassador to Croatia
  • Dr. Timothy Les, former head of the Foreign Office in Banja Luka and researcher at the Center for Geopolitics, University of Cambridge

Before the presentation, Vladimir Rusić, M.A. will present maps and draft solutions that preceded the Dayton Peace Agreement.

The round table is held via the Zoom platform.

Meeting ID: 946 9803 3212
Passcode: 573677