institut-za-evropske-studije The Institute of European Studies is a scientific research institution in Republic of Serbia devoted to the comprehensive study of political, economic and cultural processes in Europe. The research deals with the current changes in Europe: processes of integration, transition in Central and Eastern Europe, issues of democracy, federalism, regional development and cultural identity. The problems and prospects of ex-Yugoslavia and the South-eastern Europe are studied within the framework of European and global changes. Complex and controversial, these changes represent an intellectual challenge and a long-range research orientation of the IES.

The research is organized in the form of a five-year global project covering a range of topics and subtopics. The results of the research are published as monographs, collection of articles, chronologies, ad hoc analyses. During the last two decades the IES has published over 40 various publications, both in Serbian and in English.

The Institute promotes interdisciplinary comparative and theoretical research, but is also engaged in policy oriented studies. It has sustained a policy of cooperation with institutions and universities in Serbia and abroad.

The IES employs fourteen full time researchers with academic background in sociology, political science, law, philosophy, economy and history.