Actuality of Freud’s Thought

Actuality of Freud’s Thought

Жарко Требјешанин и С. Г. Марковић (ур.), Актуелност Фројдове мисли
























Publishing of Actuality of Freud’s Thought was driven by the results of the namesake conference from June 6 2016 at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University at Belgrade. This gathering was an opportunity to mark 160 years since the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, was born, and to analyse the impact of his theory onto intellectual processes of the XX century. Also, it has continued the custom estsablished by the marking of 150th anniversary of Freud’s birth when a scientific conference was held at the University at Belgrade’s Rector’s Palace, with a 2010 book with 15 contributions from that conference. University Library has also marked the anniversary by giving a exhibit on Freud and Jung, and by co-publishing – together with Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade – a book in the Giants of Philosophy series. A CD with Freud’s and Jung’s bibliography from the University Library funds was issued.

Twelve contributors took part at the June 2016 conference: Isak Asiel, Filip David, prof. Ljubomir Erić, prof. Milanko Govedarica, prof. Petar Jevremović, academician Vladeta Jerotić, prof. Gordana Jovanović, prof. Slobodan G. Marković, prof. em. Vukašin Pavlović, prof. Žarko Trebješanin, prof. Čedomir Čupić and prof. Đuro Šušnjić.

This edited volume contains eleven articles that were products of speeches and discussions at the conference. They represent the effort to recognize the effect of Freud’s theory onto intellectual processes of the XX century, but also of the perspectives of further psychoanalysis’ influence on understanding human mental processes, human culture, society and art.

Special gratitude goes to publishers, Institute of European Studies and Iformatika AD. We owe gratitude to University Library in Belgrade and its director prof. Aleksandar Jerkov, and to Dosije Studio publishing house for the books that were presented as gifts to conference participants.

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Žarko Trebješanin and Slobodan G. Marković (eds.), Actuality of Freud’s Thought, Institute of European Studies and Iformatika AD, Belgrade, 2016.


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