Aleksa Filipović on Professional Practice

The Institute of European Studies accepted Aleksa Filipović, a doctoral student at the St. Petersburg State University (Sankt-Peterburgskij gosudarstvennyj universitet) for professional practice. The new intern is expected to help with the organization of forums and conferences, as well as participation in the formation of the library fund of the Institute. Aleksa Filipović graduated in 2013 in International Relations at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade, and in 2015 he completed her master’s studies at the same faculty in the “Peace Studies” module. He completed his master’s degree in economics in 2014 at the Singidunum University (Belgrade). He is completing his third master’s degree in Russia in 2018 at the Faculty of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University (FMO SPBGU), where he is currently a doctoral student at the Department of European Research (Kafedra evropejskih issledovanij). He focused his research for his doctoral thesis on the right-wing populist parties of the Nordic countries, and their relations with the EU, NATO and Russia. As part of his further specialization in diplomacy and international relations, in 2021 he completed a one-year postgraduate study (Diploma Programem) at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy (Diplomatische Akademie Wien). Fluent in English and Russian, and intermediate in French, he also has a basic knowledge of German.