Časlav Ocić (ed), Kosovo Vertical or Neocolonial Horizontal?

In cooperation with HC Gračanica, TV Hram and Žarko Zrenjanin Library, we have published a volume ), Kosovo Vertical or Neocolonial Horizontal? [ISBN 978-86-82057-66-6; COBISS.SR-ID 276197900].

This volume of studies and analyses of demographic, economic, social, legal, geopolitical and ecological aspects of Kosovo and Metohija issues was edited by renown Serbian economist, academician Časlav Ocić. It contains eighteen texts of our scientists, with a DVD of interviews with authors for TV Hram.

As a key message of the volume, the editor chose the words of former Raška-Prizren Bishop and Serbian Patriarch Pavle: „In the 21st century Kosovo will be a measure and a test for all of us – from modest everyday labourers to patriarchs and leaders of the Serbian people. If we don’t become worthy of Kosovo, we will not be worthy of earthly existence. We will vanish as if we never existed, and someone else will take our place“.