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For One’s Own Good? The Concept and Ethics of Paternalism

The publication For One’s Own Good? The Concept and Ethics of Paternalism brings the abstracts of presentations from the namesake international scientific conference, held 2-4 October 2019 at the Institute of European Studies. For One’s Own Good- The Concept and

Časlav Ocić (ed), Kosovo Vertical or Neocolonial Horizontal?

In cooperation with HC Gračanica, TV Hram and Žarko Zrenjanin Library, we have published a volume ), Kosovo Vertical or Neocolonial Horizontal? [ISBN 978-86-82057-66-6; COBISS.SR-ID 276197900]. This volume of studies and analyses of demographic, economic, social, legal, geopolitical and ecological

Brexit and the Emergence of Nationalist Narratives in Europe: Creating a New Narrative for the European Union

Sanja Ivić, Senior Research Associate at out Institute has authored the first chapter of the volume Brexit: A Way Forward, that was recently published by Vernon Press and edited by Marcello Sacco. Her chapter is titled Brexit and the Emergence

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Prokopijević on the end of Euro, published by Springer

The End of Euro, an article by Miroslav Prokopijević, our Principal Research Fellow, has just been published in Springer’s Economy, Finance and Business in Southeastern and Central Europe.  

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Heptadecagon – Technology Dictionary as an Anti-utopia

“Technology Dictionary” is a writing that so far had not been known to academia, and that, by all accounts, deserves the attention because it has the quite unique creative and thought process that can and should be the object of

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EU Economic Problems – The Culture of Polis (2017), special edition

                                          Introduction For ten years the EU has been facing the consequences of Great Recession (financial-economic crisis), which were especially

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Actuality of Freud’s Thought

                                              Publishing of Actuality of Freud’s Thought was driven by the results of the namesake conference from June

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Spatial Demarcations: Between the Politics of Fear and Effects on the Purse

                                        PDF The idea about the compendium of papers was created without strict theoretical sketch, rather as an analytical challenge to

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Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union: Current Challenges

New Cold War and new geopolitical regroupings in Europe have made a victim out of the CFSP and CSDO once again. Thus they are putting aside the issues of internal reforms and consolidation of national defence capabilities, and the possibilites

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Turkey – a regional power?

Turkey - a regional power?

Edited by Aleksandar Gajić and Milan Igrutinović, Belgrade 2013 Слика савремене Турске до које смо ми дошли веома је разнолика. Ради се о изразито амбициозном пројекту око којег се окупио велики део политичке и економске елите, који има значајну подршку

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