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Sanja Ivić, EU Citizenship: Towards a Postmodern Conception of Citizenship?

The modern liberal idea of citizenship is constructed by a fixed notion of identity which gains meaning through a number of binary oppositions, such as we/ they, citizen/ foreigner, self/ other and so forth. Defined by these binaries, where the

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Sanja Ivić, Paul Ricoeur’s Idea of Reference: The Truth as Non-Reference

This book investigates the importance of Ricoeur’s hermeneutics and poetics in rethinking humanities. In particular, Ricoeur’s insights on reference as refiguration and his idea of interpretation as a triadic process (which consists of mimesis 1 – prefiguration, mimesis 2 –

Tell Me a Story of Serbia and the European Union

“The European Union will dissolve the moment Serbia is finally ready to join it” – is this just one in a string of jokes in the streets of Belgrade or a prophecy that is turning into reality? Why Serbia, unlike

A Possible Europe and the Years Before Us

… With Brexit, Europe enters the period of deeper transformation that could be compared with great changes in the nineties of the last century that have drastically reshaped the European geopolitical landscape. Thus far, Brexit had no domino effect, even

Traders and Heroes: Patriotic Rumifications

The Institute and the Society for Economic History have just published a translation of famous and controversial classic written by Werner Sombart in 1915, Heroes and Merchants: Patriotic Rumifications (Händler und Helden: patriotische Besinnungen). Book is translated to Serbian by

Media Politics and Practice – Europe and Serbia

EXCERPTS FROM THE REVIEWS: “The author has very successfully connected theoretical knowledge on the information society with the European media practice and then has applied those insights into the analysis of the media reality (normative and empirical) in Serbia.” Prof.

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New German Conservativism

During their visit to Serbia, in July 2017, Jongen and Kubitschek held a lecture in Belgrade and Novi Sad, and visited the Novo Hopovo Monastery. The lectures were extremely valuable and innovative for us. Jongen’s lecture is definitely the most

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Historiography and Politics. The Intellectual Biography of Friedrich Meinecke (1862-1954)

                    Historiography and Politics. Intellectual Biography of Friedrich Meinecke (1862-1954) The German historian Friedrich Meinecke (1862–1954) was the most influential and important intellectual figure in the German historiography since Leopold Ranke.

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Ideology of Foolish Mind: Essays on Philosophy, Economics and Politics

    Ten studies can be found in the book Ideology of Foolish Mind, that deal with key philosophical, economic and political phenomena of our civilisation. They cover issues of political community, utopia, shaping modern philosphical and political world-views, principles

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Essays in Applied Ethics

  Miroslav Prokopijević, Ogledi iz primenjene etike, Institut za evropske studije, Beograd, 2016. ISBN 978-86-82057-52-9   Download the book (in Serbian)