Intellectual Property Law and Digital Transformation: Some Current Issues

Intellectual Property Law and Digital Transformation: Some Current Issues

The monograph Intellectual Property Law and Digital Transformation – Some Current Issues written by Uroš Ćemalović has just been published by the Institute of European Studies. On its more than 200 pages, this study aims to present – in a clear and interesting way and following an interdisciplinary-based approach – the conditions for the legal protection of different kinds of human creativity, putting them in the context of the rapid technological development and digital transformation. Throughout the chapters dedicated to industrial design law, copyright law, trademark law and patent law, a special attention was dedicated both to the case law and to numerous recently adopted legal acts and policy documents on international, European and national level, as well as to the numerous challenges imposed by the digital environment. In spite of the fact that this book examines predominantly legal matters, it is not dedicated only to lawyers, but to the widest circle of readers who would like to know more about, among other issues, 1) how to ensure the protection of copyright in the digital environment and what brings the recently adopted EU Directive 2016/0280 on copyright in the digital single market, 2) which are the new legal headaches that have been brought by 3D printing, 3) how the development of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of things could interfere with existing patent law rules or 4) how a trademark can enter in a conflict with the freedom of entrepreneurship, speech and information.

Throughout all five chapters of the book, a special attention has been paid to the latest legal acts adopted on the level of the European Union, as well as to the state of legislation and practice in Serbia. The author points to the numerous essential challenges that digitalization brings to the existing normative framework, so the book can be particularly useful for engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and people working in creative industries.

Uroš Ćemalović is a research associate at the Institute of European Studies in Belgrade and an expert for intellectual property law and EU law; in 2010, he obtained his Ph.D. in law at the University of Strasbourg, France.

Belgrade, May 30, 2019


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