Miša Đurković, The Right Thought in the XX Century, IK Zorana Stojanovića, Sremski Karlovci and Novi Sad, 2019

The Right Thought in the XX Century is a synthesis of two decades of work by Miša Đurković on the study of this field of political theory. It is the first comprehensive study of the development of various forms of right-wing tradition in the dynamic and turbulent twentieth century. With a theoretical Introduction and as many as 16 chapters, over 620 pages, the reader embarks on an indulgent and differentiated journey, during which he follows the movement of the right spirit through the spaces of thought of the right mainstream, then through radical challenges, economic theory, and finally family and law issues. The book is written to the highest academic standards, with extensive literature in all relevant languages, but is at the same time extremely drinkable, exciting and stimulating like a literary thriller. One by one, the narratives of the right-wing view of democracy, elite, human rights, dictatorship, Christian democracy, conservative revolution, Eurasianism, distributivism, judicial dictatorship, natural family, social teaching of the major churches etc. are being developed and presented in front of us. In a stringent but accessible way Cooper, Chesterton, Jünger, Carl Schmitt, Evola, Röpke, and numerous other actors who built the right canon in the twentieth century were also represented.

This is a book that, like any classic encyclopedia, you must have in your library.