Europe Facing Its Colonial Past

Institute of European Studies in Belgrade announces the realization of a large project called




It is a project led by PhD student Danilo Babić from the Institute of International Politics and Economics and PhD student Rajko Petrović from the Institute of European Studies. Eight authors will participate in the project, two of whom are foreigners. The project is multidisciplinary and refers to the research, and presentation of research results related to the analysis of the actions of European colonial powers in the past, and the effects they have produced. The aim of the project is to answer some of the key questions related to the phenomenon of European colonialism: What are the key European colonial powers from the past? What are the political, social and other consequences of European colonialism? What colonial models of governance have been used in different parts of the world? What is the relationship among former metropolises and colonies today? How do former colonies and metropolises perceive colonialism today?

The project consists of two parts:


1. A collection of nine papers published by the Institute of European Studies, and edited by PhD student Danilo Babić, PhD student Rajko Petrović and PhD student Jelena Vićentić. The collection will be published soon and will be ready before the start of the lecture cycle within this project. The titles of the papers in the collection are as follows:

  • Portugal and Spain: The Case of the World’s First Colonial Empires (Rajko Petrović, Institute of European Studies)
  • Non-colonial Interpretation of the History of the Haiti People From 1697 to 1915 (Jean Casimir, University of Haiti)
  • Catastrophe and Progress: British Colonialism in India (Arwa Awan, University of Chicago)
  • Something of a Dark Spot” – Dutch Colonialism and the Roots of Modern Capitalism and Everyday Racism (Jelena Vićentić, P.D student in Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade)
  • “Unthinkable“ Colonialism and its Reverberations – Nordic States in Colonial Enterprise (Jelena Vićentić, PhD student in Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade)
  • Belgian Colonial Model and its Consequences on the Society of Colonies and Metropolises (Danilo Babić, Institute of International Politics and Economics)
  • In Search for “a Place in the Sun”: German Colonialism (1884-1919) (Michael Antolović, University of Novi Sad)
  • Colonialism Under the Guise of Protectorate – the Decline of the Ottoman Empire “From Within” (Sladjana Zdravković, Institute of European Studies)
  • Qajar Iran in the Great Game (Srboljub Peović, Institute of European Studies)


2. Presentation of research results in the form of a lecture cycle. The cycle of lectures begins in January, where two lectures will be conducted every month. The initial lectures will be in the form of webinars, and later lectures will be held in accordance with the overall epidemiological situation in the country. The order of lectures (you will be informed about the exact dates on the website of the Institute of European Studies) is as follows:

  • January: PhD student Rajko Petrović (Spanish and Portuguese colonialism) and PhD student Danilo Babić (Belgian colonialism)
  • February: PhD student Arwa Awan (British colonialism) and Dr. Jean Casimir (French colonialism)
  • March: PhD student Jelena Vićentić (Dutch colonialism) and Dr. Michael Antolović (German colonialism)
  • April: PhD student Jelena Vićentić (Scandinavian colonialism) and PhD student Sladjana Zdravković (colonialism in the Ottoman Empire)
  • May: PhD student Srboljub Peović (Iran and colonial powers)


We invite you in advance to attend lectures and thus contribute to the quality of the entire project!