Heptadecagon – Technology Dictionary as an Anti-utopia

“Technology Dictionary” is a writing that so far had not been known to academia, and that, by all accounts, deserves the attention because it has the quite unique creative and thought process that can and should be the object of scientific study. The special value of this edited volume is that it implicitly connects social theory and geometry. Even though these areas, contrary to the pledge of antique philosophers, today stand far apart as a rule, in this volume it has been done in an unexpected, but also harmonious way, grounded in the history of the genesis of the heptadecagon, seventeen-sided polygon, and of the “Dictionary”. This volume therefore does not find itself only on the terrain of philosophy and social theory, but of history of science… and makes possible for the history of science and technology to be observed from the time of 1980s when scientific and technological development undoubtedly sped up as never before. “Technology Dictionary” has its own relation towards that development and as such it represents one possible way of thinking about the directions and reach of the scientific and technological revolution.

Prof. Dr. Stanislav Južnič


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