EU Economic Problems – The Culture of Polis (2017), special edition

Introduction For ten years the EU has been facing the consequences of Great Recession (financial-economic crisis), which were especially intensive during 2007-2009. In spite of a multitude of dilemmas, trials, challenges, crises, and various dissatisfactions, the project still survives. Even after all announcements about breakup of the Euro area, that Greece will exit from it, it still exists, with a ...
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Historiography and Politics. The Intellectual Biography of Friedrich Meinecke (1862-1954)

Historiography and Politics. Intellectual Biography of Friedrich Meinecke (1862-1954) The German historian Friedrich Meinecke (1862–1954) was the most influential and important intellectual figure in the German historiography since Leopold Ranke. Due to his special place in the German historical community he reshaped the 'politics of historiographical discourse' and exerted a decisive influence on the mainstream of German historiography from the ...
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Actuality of Freud’s Thought

Publishing of Actuality of Freud's Thought was driven by the results of the namesake conference from June 6 2016 at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University at Belgrade. This gathering was an opportunity to mark 160 years since the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, was born, and to analyse the impact of his theory onto intellectual processes of the XX ...
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Ideology of Foolish Mind: Essays on Philosophy, Economics and Politics

Ten studies can be found in the book Ideology of Foolish Mind, that deal with key philosophical, economic and political phenomena of our civilisation. They cover issues of political community, utopia, shaping modern philosphical and political world-views, principles of individualism, Keynes - Hayek debate in light of the global economic crisis, functioning of the European Union as political and economic ...
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Jože Mencinger, Philippe Schmitter, Jan Zielonka, Jan Oberg, Heather Grabbe, Jens Reuter, Misha Glenny, Milica Uvalić, Damir Grubiša, Nikolai Mladenov, Vladimir Gligorov, Daniel Daianu, Michael Davenport, Branko Milanović, Aleksandar Pavković, Adam Balcer, Efraim Zuroff, Eduardo Luis Aguirre, Leonid Savin, Diego Fusaro, Jasmina Vujić, Matteo Bonomi, Dejan Jović, Leonas Tolvaišis, Dejan Mihailović, Luca Volonte, Aleksandar Dugin, Elena Ponomareva, Thomas Fleming, Nikita Bondarev, Jim Seroka, Dan Lazea, Michael Freeden, Melvin Schut, Hannes Hofbauer, Andrey Fursov, Fabio Indeo, Marc Jongen, Carlos Juárez Centeno
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