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    Goran Nikolić, “Svakodnevne ekonomske zablude” [“Everyday Economic Misconceptions”], Arhipelag, Institute of European Studies, Belgrade 2021.

    From the Introduction: When we go to school or state university we are in socialism, when we start working we are likely to find ourselves in capitalism. The roads we utilize to travel to work are a reminder of the socialist aspect of our society, as well as the hospitals to which, unfortunately, over time, especially in retirement, we have ...
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    Kajica Milanov, “Titovština u Jugoslaviji” [“Tito’s Ideology in Yugoslavia”], Society for Economic History, Institute of European Studies, Belgrade 2021.

    Kajica Milanov (1905, Jozefovo near Nova Kanjiža – 1986, Melbourne) was a Serbian philosopher. After completing his undergraduate studies in Vienna and Belgrade, he received his doctorate from the Friedrich Wilhelm University in Berlin in 1932. During his studies, he listened to lectures by Branislav Petronijević, Nikola Popović, Nikolai Hartmann, Arthur Liebert, Wolfgang Keller and other prominent intellectuals. After the ...
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    Uroš Ćemalović, Ph. D., “Serbia”, in: 2020 Global Review of Constitutional Law, eds. R. Albert, D. Landau, P. Faraguna, S. Drugda, I·CONnect – Clough Center, Boston 2021, 257-262.

    Uroš Ćemalović, Ph.D., Research Associate of the Institute of European Studies, is the author of thechapter on Serbia in the 2020 Global Review of Constitutional Law, just published by I·CONnect andClough Center for the Study of Constitutional Democracy at Boston College. This Review covers 63countries all over the world, and the authors of the chapters are acknowledged scientists, scholars,as well ...
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    “Crkva i tajna služba” [“Church and Secret Service”], ed. M. Đurković, Institute of European Studies, Filip Višnjić, Belgrade 2021.

    The new edition of the Institute of European Studies includes presentations from two last year’s conferences on the position of the Serbian Orthodox Church today and on the role of secret services in democratic societies. Instead of written papers, we received concise and focused policy analysis, which resulted in 150 pages of extremely useful and up-to-date material. How does the ...
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    Joram Hazoni, “Vrlina nacionalizma” [Yoram Hazony, “The Virtue of Nationalism”], transl. by Sanja and Miša Đurković, Institute of European Studies, CLIO, Belgrade 2021.

    A translation of the book by the Israeli political philosopher Yoram Hazony, “The Virtue of Nationalism”, has just appeared. It was published by the Institute of European Studies and the CLIO Publishing Company. This socially engaged and programmatically written book, based on the opposition of the imperial order and the return of nation-states, could be characterized as a kind of ...
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    Rajko Petrović, “Regionalni razvoj Srbije – između šanse i nužnosti” [“Regional Development of Serbia – Between Chance and Necessity”], Institute for Political Networking, Institute of European Studies, Belgrade 2021.

    The Institute for Political Networking and the Institute of European Studies have published the book Regional Development of Serbia – Between Chance and Necessity, by Rajko Petrović, research associate at the Institute for European Studies and a doctoral student at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade. According to one of the reviewers, assistant professor Dr. Veran Stančetić from ...
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    Claus Offe, Ulrich Preuss, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jože Mencinger, Philippe Schmitter, Jan Zielonka, Jan Oberg, Heather Grabbe, Jens Reuter, Misha Glenny, Milica Uvalić, Damir Grubiša, Nikolai Mladenov, Владимир Глигоров, Daniel Daianu, Michael Davenport, Бранко Милановић, Александар Павковић, Adam Balcer, Efraim Zuroff, Eduardo Luis Aguirre, Леонид Савин, Diego Fusaro, Јасмина Вујић, Matteo Bonomi, Дејан Јовић, Leonas Tolvaišis, Дејан Михаиловић, Luca Volonte, Александр Гельевич Дугин, Еле́на Гео́ргиевна Пономарёва, Thomas Fleming, Никита Викторович Бондарев, Jim Seroka, Dan Lazea, Michael Freeden, Melvin Schut, Hannes Hofbauer, Андре́й Ильи́ч Фу́рсов, Fabio Indeo, Marc Jongen, Carlos Juárez Centeno, Horacio Cerutti-Guldberg, Vera Stojarova, Chinmoy Guha, Stephen Baskerville, Noel O’Sullivan, Christopher Coker, Spyros Economides, Allan Carlson, Михаи́л Генна́дьевич Деля́гин, Birgül Demirtaş, Armando Marques Guedes, Evangelos Protopapadakis, Gorazd Kocijančič, Andreas Kinneging, Wolfram Kaiser, Ufuk Ulutaş, Alexis Dantas, Ian Fishback, Thomas Gutmann, Katja Stoppenbrink, Adrian Pop, Georgios Katrougalos, Wolfgang Schmale