A Round of March Lectures – Popular Culture and Culture Wars

In March, the Institute of European Studies will organize a round of lectures on topic of popular culture and culture wars. – March 4 – a lecture by Dr Michael Kenkel Cultural Wars in Fragile Democracy: Brasil under Bolsonaro (in English) – March 9 – a lecture by Saša Radojević Serbian Village in TV Series (in Serbian) – March 13 ...
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Blagoje Pantelić, Diptych on Christianity and Philosophy, IES, Belgrade, 2019.

The first study [Christian Philosophy: pro et contra] shows how Serbian academic environment of the eighties and later reacted to the reappearance and involvement of Christian thinkers in philosophical life. And the other study [Philosopher and Christianity] personate what a philosopher’s – an agnostic and a leftist – encounter with Christian faith and philosophy looked like in those years. Both ...
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IES Yearbook 2018-2019

INTRODUCTION In recent years, the Institute of European Studies has undergone major changes. The Institute has become a place recognized in regional as well as wider academic circles as one of the most interesting academic places for meetings, debates, discussions and critical assessment of contemporary issues. As readers will be able to see, Institute’s panels cover a wide variety of ...
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For One’s Own Good? The Concept and Ethics of Paternalism

The publication For One’s Own Good? The Concept and Ethics of Paternalism brings the abstracts of presentations from the namesake international scientific conference, held 2-4 October 2019 at the Institute of European Studies. For One’s Own Good- The Concept and Ethics of Paternalism ...
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