International Scientific Project “Environmental Legislation and Sustainable Development – the State of Play in Serbia and Experiences of the Croatian EU Membership”

During 2022, the Institute of European Studies (IES) from Belgrade and the Faculty of Law of the Josip Juraj J. Strossmayer University of Osijek (PRAVOS), with the support of the Foundation Hanns Seidel, are carrying out the international scientific project entitled “Environmental Legislation and Sustainable Development – the State of Play in Serbia and Experiences of the Croatian EU Membership”. During the six phases of its implementation, the Project will gather over 30 members of scientific and academic communities from Serbia, Croatia and other EU member states, but also the representatives of central, county and local administrations and of the civil society. The Project is based on the Agreement on inter-institutional cooperation between IES and PRAVOS, singed in February 2020.

Apart from bringing a significant contribution to the cross-border scientific and academic cooperation between the two states, the Project will also contribute to the improvement of legal standards and of the overall quality of environmental protection. As one of the legally and technically most complex and financially most demanding negotiation chapters in the process of EU accession, the issues related to the ecological standards and gaining in importance on local, national, European and international level. Therefore, apart from its academic context, the Project will undoubtedly have an important social importance and its outcomes will bring about numerous concrete recommendations for policy makers. Including the issues which will be dealt with throughout the Project implementation are, among others, the protection of the quality of air, water and soil, animal welfare and protection of plants, sustainable waste management, environmental impact assessment and competences of various levels of administration in the field of ecological protection.

Carrying out of different Project activities will take place throughout the entire year 2022. Among the most important events and results of the Projects, particularly worth mentioning are the following three. First, in May 2022, the researchers from IES will carry out an academic study visit to Osijek, which will include a series of lectures, round tables, panels and field visits. Second, in the beginning of autumn 2022, IES will host an international scientific conference and series of academic panels; apart from academics and researchers from PRAVOS and IES, the conference will gather a number of other relevant representatives of scientific community, administrative bodies and civil society. Finally, before the end of 2022, will be published two edited volumes, which will – both in scientifically structured and practicably applicable ways – gather the main outcomes of the Project and some major recommendations for the policy makers.

Co-Directors of the Project are Dr Uroš Ćemalović from IES and Dr Dunja Duić from PRAVOS.