July 21-24 – a guest visit by Marc Jongen

Between July 21 and 24 IES will welcome Dr Marc Jongen, a renown German philosopher.

Dr Jongen is a poltiical scientist, former assistant and associate of Peter Sloterdijk and a high functioner of the Alternative fur Deutschland for party ideology.


On Friday 21 July at 19 he will give a lecture

Die Ideologisierung der Wissenschaft durch Gender-, Queer-, Postcolonial-, Critical Whiteness- und sonstige “Studies”
The ideologization of science through gender, queer, postcolonial, critical whiteness and other “studies”

The lecture will be held in Great Hall at Matica Srpska, Novi Sad.


On Saturday 22 July at 12 he will give a lecture

Was ist und wozu brauchen wir eine Leitkultur
What is and why we need a leading culture?

At the IES Hall, Trg Nikole Pasica 11, 4th floor, room 136.