July 5 – Discussion about a Book by Rajko Petrović “Political Ideologies in Latin America”

On Monday, July 5, 2021, at 11 a.m. (CET) the Instite of European Studies is organizing a

Discussion about a Book by Rajko Petrović, “Political Ideologies in Latin America”

This is a book that deals with the analysis of relevant political ideologies in Latin America, where for each country, one ideology is dealt with, such as Peronism in Argentina, Pinochetism in Chile and Castrism in Cuba. The author of the book is a research associate of the Institute for European Studies, a political scientist and Hispanist, the author of several scientific and professional articles on the Hispanic and Latin American world and a regular commentator on the political situation in these countries in the domestic media. The publishers of the book are Poredak, the Institute for European Studies and the Society of Hispanists.

The participants in the conversation are:

  • Prof. Dr. Višeslav Simić, University of Technology in Monterey
  • Prof. Dr. Dejan Mihailović, University of Technology in Monterey and
  • MSc Rajko Petrović, Institute of European Studies

The conversation is held live in the Conference Hall of the Institute of European Studies (11 Trg Nikole Pašića, Floor 4, Room 136), and can also be followed via the Zoom application, at this link.