August 26 – Laza M. Kostic’s Scientific Heritage

This year marks the 40th anniversary of death of great Serbian legal scholar and political thinker from Boka, Lazo M. Kostic.

For this occasion, on August 26, the Institute of Serbian Culture from Niksic and the Institute of European Studies from Belgrade are organizing a conference on

Laza M. Kostic’s Scientific Heritage

List of participants:

Dr Budimir Aleksic, “Lazo M. Kostic on Serbian language and Serbian writers”
Dr Misa Djurkovic, “Lazo M. Kostic in emigration”
Prof. Dr Radmilo Marojevic, “Lazo M. Kostic as a njegosologist”
Dr Milan Igrutinovic, “Lazo M. Kostic as a historian”
Prof. Dr Miroslav Doderovic, “Demographic issues in Laza M. Kostic’s creative work”
PhD student Dusan Ilic, “Laza M. Kostic’s contributions to Serbian legal science”
Aleksandar Seselj, “Laza M. Kostic on Croats”

The conference will be held in Miholjska prevlaka monastery, starting at 12h. On that day we will observe the 80th anniversary of the Banovina agreement whose harmfulness was critically prophesied by dr Kostic.

Before the conference the participants will visit dr Kostic’s grave in Krtole, in place since 2011. A memorial service will be given with the presence of Kostic family.