“Lazo M. Kostić. Nauka, identitet, rodoljublje” [“Lazo M. Kostić. Scholarship, Identity, Patriotism”], eds. Budimir Aleksić and Miša Đurković, Belgrade 2020.

The first conference on the work of one of the most important, but unfairly neglected Serbian scholars of the 20th century was held in the organization of the Institute of Serbian Culture in Nikšić and the Institute of European Studies in Belgrade in August 2019. This Collection of Papers is an attempt to rehabilitate and reaffirm the scholarly work of Laza M. Kostić in Serbian scholarship.

Although he is the biggest name in the field of Administrative Law among the Serbs, he has made a huge contribution in the field of Constitutional Law, but also in political science, demography and economics. In addition, he will be remembered as a great national intellectual.

Various aspects of Kostić’s extremely fruitful opus in this Collection of Papers were presented to Serbian scholarly community by Prof. Dr. Radmilo Marojević (Lazo M. Kostić as a Njegošologist), Dušan Ilić (Contribution of Lazo M. Kostić to Serbian Legal Science), Dr. Budimir Aleksić (Lazo M. Kostić on Serbian Language and Serbian Writers), Dr. Milan Igrutinović (Lazo M. Kostić as a Historian), Prof. Dr. Miroslav Doderović (Dr. Lazo M. Kostić’s Contribution to the Studies of the South Slavic Peoples’ Demographic Characteristics) and Dr. Miša Đurković (Lazo Markov Kostić in Exile).

After several decades of systematic oblivion towards the work of this giant of Serbian scholarship, it was high time to reaffirm Lazo M. Kostić’s legal, as well as entire scholarly, legacy in highest Serbian educational institutions, and this collection represents an important towards that goal.


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