March 16 – Prof. Eduard A. Popov: “The Conflict in Ukraine: Geopolitical Context and Historical Conjectures”

The Institute of European Studies and the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Belgrade invite You to a lecture beginning on March 16 at 12 o’clock (CET):

Prof. Eduard A Popov

The Conflict in Ukraine: Geopolitical Context and Historical Conjectures

Prof. Eduard A. Popov is one of the leading Russian experts on Ukraine, a Principal Research Fellow at the Russian Institute for Strategic Research (2009-2014), the head of the Black Sea-Caucasian Center RISI. He is now a professor of history at Rostov State Medical University. He deals with the political and social development of Ukraine, contemporary Ukrainian nationalism, civilizational geopolitics, the social philosophy of Russian conservativism, Russian nationalism, and the philosophical and social aspects of democracy.

The lecture will be held in Russian with consecutive Serbian translation. You can follow the lecture via the “Zoom” platform, at the link: