October 22 – Dr. Branimir Nestorović: “Controversies and Dilemmas about the Coronavirus and its Suppression”

On Friday, October 22, starting at 12 o’clock (CEST), the Institute of European Studies is organizing a debate

Dr. Branimir Nestorović

Controversies and Dilemmas about the Coronavirus and its Suppression

In the conversation with the associates of the Institute, we will try to make an overview of numerous open questions and doubts that have been affecting the planet for almost two years. From vaccines, surveillance, closure, to the number of patients, different models of suppression, the role of the World Health Organization and predicting how long all this will last and what the world will look like after the coronavirus.

The debate takes place in the Ceremonial Hall of the Institute for European Studies, as well as through the Zoom application, at the link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81765373949?pwd=bk9OSmtBWHZCTnc3QTg4cStsSTI0QT09