October 27 – Round Table: “Energy Security in Europe: Times of Challenge or Opportunity?”

On Wednesday, October 27, starting at 1 p.m. (CEST), the Institute of European Studies is organizing a round table

Energy security in Europe: Times of challenge or opportunity?

The round table will be held in hybrid form, in the Ceremonial Hall of the Institute for European Studies and through the Zum application, at the link:


  • Ms. Katja Yafimava, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  • Mr. Aleksandar Kovačević, Serbian Energy Law Association
  • Ms. Nevena Šekarić Stojanović, Institute of International Politics and Economics in Belgrade
  • Mr. Strahinja Obrenović, Faculty of Political Science University of Belgrade

Europe and other regions of the world are facing with the potential energy crisis. What is the cause of this crisis? Can we identify single factor or is it the result of the so-called “perfect storm”? In this round table we will discuss some of the issues, such as energy geopolitics and position of the important energy exporters and consumers, Nord Stream 2 project and its role in shaping energy security in Europe, published European Commission’s toolbox addressing high energy prices, and the role of renewable energy sources in Europe’s energy mix. Join us and let’s discuss together!