Rajko Petrović, Political Ideologies in Latin America, Poredak, Institut of European Studies and the Hispanist Society, Belgrade, 2020.

The book Political Ideologies in Latin America is a unique and quite unusual attempt to bring different political ideas from the Latin American space to the domestic and professional public. For decades, Latin American countries have been moving between the right and left political poles in search of solutions to their political, economic, social and cultural problems. The idea of this book is to present one political ideology from each of the twenty Latin American countries that the author considers to be the most significant or interesting. From peronism and pinochetism in the south to castrism and lopezobradorism in the north, Latin American countries experimented with different political and economic ideas, producing different consequences. Left-wing and right-wing ideas were equally present, which were often expressed in their extreme forms. Many of them have withstood the tooth of time, leaving a lasting mark in their own country, often throughout the Latin American region and sometimes globally.

This book is a systematic overview of twenty political ideologies – their internal political, foreign policy, economic and social dimensions. The book also describes numerous historical events in Latin America, important historical figures, as well as relations between different countries, with some piquancy as a refreshment from “mere theorizing.” It can also be a useful reading matter not only for Latin American admirers, but also for geopoliticians and political scientists.