September 9-16 – Prof. Dr. Slobodan G. Marković at Conferences in Romania

Associate of the Institute of European Studies, Prof. Dr. Slobodan G. Marković, participated in two conferences in Romania.

Together with Prof. Dr. Christopher Cocker (London School of Economics), Prof. Dr. Slobodan G. Marković organized the program of the conference “Reflections on Pessimism and Melancholy in the Time of Covid” (September 9-10, Turda). The gathering was co-organized by the think tank of the London School of Economics “Ideas” (LSE IDEAS) and the Rațiu Family Charitable Foundation from Turda.

Prof. Dr. Slobodan G. Marković also gave a lecture entitled “Ideology, Liberalism and Democracy” within the conference “Rațiu Dialogues on Democracy” (September 13-14, Cluj-Napoca and Turda).