Serbia in European Integration Processes: Global Context, Institutions, Identity

2011. – current

The project’s aim is monitoring, analysis and design of a deepening and more torough relations between Serbia and the European Union. This relationship is viewed in a broader context of significant global changes in the modern world of which the following are particularly noteworthy: serious financial and economic crisis; indications of power and capital dispersion and creation; a multipolar world due to the rise of China, Turkey and the BRIC countries; the crisis and uncertainty of Euro; uncertainties of further expansion and of the EU after the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

The research will cover four main areas:
1. European Studies and the European Union in the contemporary international relations;
2. Theoretical paradigm of understanding of Serbia’s position in Europe with emphasis on theories of development;
3. Serbia in regional and European integration processes;
4. The identity of Serbia and Serbs in the modern world.

Previous experience and diverse profile of our research staff provide interdisciplinarity as the basic methodological approach. The aim is to encompass security and foreign policy aspects of relations, as well as economic, social and identity problems involving Serbia, the region and the EU. In addition to the basic theoretical purposes connected with the promotion of our science and following of the latest scientific achievements in different disciplines, te results of thhe project are intended to have more practical relevance and usefulness in various domains of public administration, including the activities of individual ministries, The EU Integration Office, etc.

Misa Djurkovic, Ph.D. is the Project Manager.

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