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Igor Novaković, Permanent Neutrality in Europe in the Post-Cold War Period, IES, 2019.

From the Introduction: Since the end of the Cold War the question of neutrality/permanent neutrality as foreign policy and security status of state, a matter “most complex, subtle and complicated in international law”, has been sidelined from the mainstream of

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Brexit and the Emergence of Nationalist Narratives in Europe: Creating a New Narrative for the European Union

Sanja Ivić, Senior Research Associate at out Institute has authored the first chapter of the volume Brexit: A Way Forward, that was recently published by Vernon Press and edited by Marcello Sacco. Her chapter is titled Brexit and the Emergence

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Sanja Arežina, China in Europe

At the time when the world is closely watching the rise of the PR China’s power on the international stage, the mechanisms employed by Beijing to position itself economically and politically in faraway regions attracts particular attention. There is no

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March 22 – Geopolitics of France in Contemporary Europe

Dear guests, Institute of European Studies will organize a lecture by Dr Alexis Troude on Geopolitics of France in Contemporary Europe Dr Troude is a renown geopolitical researcher, professor at the Université de St Quentin – Versailles and associate of

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Europe and Yugoslavia: Problems of Integration, Modernization and Transition

1996 – 2000 A global research project was conceived as an interdisciplinary study of external and internal preconditions for realistically feasible transition strategy. The project builds on previous results of the global project “Europe in Transformation: nature, trends and perspectives”.

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