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Media Politics and Practice – Europe and Serbia

EXCERPTS FROM THE REVIEWS: “The author has very successfully connected theoretical knowledge on the information society with the European media practice and then has applied those insights into the analysis of the media reality (normative and empirical) in Serbia.” Prof.

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In the Vortex of Transition: Serbia in the Modern World (2005-2015)

Aleksandar Gajić, In the Vortex of Transition: Serbia in the Modern World (2005-2015), Belgrade, 2013.

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Serbia in European Integration Processes: Global Context, Institutions, Identity

2011. – current The project’s aim is monitoring, analysis and design of a deepening and more torough relations between Serbia and the European Union. This relationship is viewed in a broader context of significant global changes in the modern world

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Serbia in the Lobby of the European Union: Challenges and Possible Outcomes

Edited by Gordana Zivkovic, Belgrade 2010 From the Introductory word: “The main objective of this compilation is “the opening” of complex, sensitive, and largely under-researched ideologized and politicized issues of relations between Serbia and the European Union, with no pretense

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Accelerated Accession into European Union – A Prerequisite for Serbia’s Successful Transition and Development

2001 – 2005 The research topic is the analysis of necessary conditions which need to be met by Republic of Serbia in order to start the process of joining the European Union’s member states. This constitutes a radical change of

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