Uroš Ćemalović PhD

Dr Uroš Ćemalović is a Research Associate at the Institute of European Studies, associate professor of law and Senior Associate for Law, Government, and International Affairs at REI – Research and Evaluation International. He received his Ph.D. in Law from the University of Strasbourg, France. Dr Ćemalović has sixteen years of post-graduate professional and research experience in intellectual property law, EU law, political science, public administration and international affairs, both in private and public sectors, with a strong focus on legal-economic, scientific and educational issues; he earned his Master’s degrees from both University Paris-Dauphine and University of Nancy 2, France, and has also attended École Nationale d’Administration (ENA). Dr Ćemalović serves or used to serve as a senior legal expert of different international organisations, agencies, foundations and initiatives, such as, among others, UNDP, OSCE, SEECP and Konrad Adenauer Foundation, as well as within various EU-funded initiatives, including EU IPA twinning projects. He was an Erasmus+ visiting professor or guest lecturer at several European universities (LUISS, Rome, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Université catholique de Lille), keynote speaker and paper presenter at numerous international conferences (in Poland, Romania, Hungary, Italy, France, Serbia and India), as well as a senior visiting research fellow at the Department of European Public Law of The University of Zagreb, Croatia. From 2006 to 2013, he served as EU Law Harmonisation Adviser at the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. Dr Ćemalović published a book on EU Trademark Law (in French), numerous chapters in collective monographs (in English, French and Serbo-Croat), as well as a series of articles in different peer-reviewed scientific journals in several countries; he is now preparing a book on intellectual property law in the context of digital transformation. Uroš is proficient in French, English and Serbo-Croat (mother tongue), and uses German and Spanish.