Dr Vladimir Ristanović

Area of study: International Economy, Advanced Economics, International Finance, Monetary Economy and Banking, Economy Growth and Development.

Vladimir Ristanović is an economist and Associate Professor and Researcher. He graduated at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, Serbia in 2000, where he also completed magisterium, in 2004. He received his Ph.D. in 2010 at the Faculty of International Economy, University Megatrend in Belgrade, Serbia. His research interests are in the field of economics, with particular attention to International Economy and Finance and Advanced Economy. He currently teaches subjects within his research area in the bachelor and master program of Economy, bachelor and master program of Finance, Banking and Insurance.

He has published several essays and papers on his main research topics, presented conferences and lectures. He has participated in scientific projects, projects for the Government of Serbia as well as commercial ones. He was a member of Scientific Committee of several domestic conferences, and participated as Key note speaker in a few international conferences. In many domestic and foreign journals, he is a member of Editorial and Reviewer Committee. In the years 2013-15 he was the Vice-Head of the Department of Science and master and PhD studies at the Faculty of International Economy. He was the Head of the Research Centre at Megatrend University 2014. He was the Head of the Centre for International Cooperation and Erasmus Coordinator at the Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship 2019-20.

He has been invited to participate in EU projects or give lectures as guest professor in the several University abroad – University West Timisoara, Romania in 2018, Technique de Monterey, Mexico in 2018 and Universitatea „Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu, Romania in 2019.

He is an Associate Researcher at the Institute of European Studies, Belgrade, Serbia.

His approach covers a wide range of economic issues, which he analyses and explains on his website www.ekonomskeanalize.com.

Vladimir is involved in various domestic projects financed by the Government to promote employment and entrepreneurship, as well as start-up activities.